PRIVACY STATEMENT ON PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA BY PLENILUNIO SRL, set forth under art. 13, Law decree dated 30 June 2003, n. 196 of Italian Law.

Privacy represents a crucial element for Plenilunio srl and, for this purpose, the company wants to inform customers about processing of personal data collected and to ask for the consent to use them for determined purposes.

Reading the present policy, the Customer will know the targets and the procedures used to collect and process personal data released via website and when placing a purchase order.

The Customer will be free to visit the website without giving any personal information, except when  placing an order or if he/she wants to do so.

The customer can print/save this note, using his/her browser’s functions (“File” => “save as”), or download it as a PDF.


1.1 Personal data collection and processing:
Personal data of our customers will be processed for the purposes specified below and according to the following procedures:

a. Purchase order: Plenilunio srl receives and processes personal data of the customer for the collection and processing of the orders, for possible complaints and to provide customers the available services. It is worthwhile for the customer to indicate an address for delivery, a correct telephone number in order to allow a quick despatch.

The telephone number is also needed by the company to contact the customer and ask for any possible clarification about the purchase order.

An e-mail address is needed to inform the customer about the correct reception of the order and for further possible communications.

b. Personal data storage: the customer’s personal data and those regarding his/her orders will be retained by the company.

c. Advertising: Plenilunio srl shall be allowed to use personal data for promotional purposes. The E-mail address shall be used in the limits set forth under Italian law, when necessary, after the customer has given his/her consent.

It is possible to stop without any charge the transmission of  advertising  notifications, sending an e-mail.

d. Market researches and opinion polls:

Customers’ personal data shall be also processed for market researches and opinion polls. They are processed keeping them anonymous only for statistical surveys. In every moment the customer can oppose to this procedure. The answers given by the customer during the surveys shall not be publicized or forwarded. The answers to polls are saved together with the email address.

e. Websites consultation : when a customer visits the company’s website some date are saved and stored. The  domain-name or the IP address of the computer used are temporarily saved for security reasons and deleted within 7 (seven) days. Also other data can be saved, such as the date of access, the http code and the website from which the re-addressing has occurred, as well as the bytes – quantity of data transmitted. Data analysis remains anonymous.

1.2 Personal data saving using cookies
It is not necessary to enable cookies when visiting the company’s website. Nevertheless using the “shopping basket” function and placing orders is possible only if cookies are enabled. In the websites cookies could be used. Cookies are text files recorded on a IT device  able to record certain parameters and data transmitted to Plenilunio’s system through a browser used by the customer, and they allow an analysis of his/her habits using a specific website.

Most cookies are automatically deleted by the  customer’s computer hard disk.  At the end of each session.  (after this the name “cookie session”).

Other cookies remain on the hard disk. Their stay is pretty long (a few years) for practical reasons. After the first visit to the website, the system will recognize the following visits by the same customer, so the requests and favourite data of the customers will be recovered. (long duration cookies. Browsers generally limit the use of cookies, although they allow to see the offers on the website. Cookies can be disabled.

1.3 Safe transmission of personal data 
The Customer’s personal data are transferred in a coded way. This is especially valid for purchase orders.


Examining the present note, the Customer gives his/her consent to the processing and transmission of his/her personal information for the purposes specified in this document. The consent will be recorded in Plenilunio srl’s system and shall be revoked at any time, with immediate effect.


The Customer has the right to get information about the origin of personal data, about the purposes and the methods these data are processed and the logic applied in case of use of electronic tools, as well as information about the identity of the holder, agents and representative of the personal data management, The Customer has the right to obtain: (a) the updating, amendments or, if interested, the supplements of personal data; (b) deletion, anonymous change or lock of personal data processed in violation of law, even those that don’t need to be retained;  (c) the demonstration that the operation described in letters (a) and (b) have been forwarded to those whose data have been transferred, except for the case in which this results impossible or too difficult.

The Customer has the right to oppose, completely or partially: a) for reasons connected to the processing of his/her personal data, if relevant to the collecting purpose,(b) to the personal data processing which may concern him/her aimed at the sending of commercial material or direct selling or the carrying out of market research or commercial communication.

As concerns the transmission and use of a customer’s  personal data aimed at verify the payment risk, only after the expression of his/her consent, Plenilunio will give information: (i) risk percentage collected over the six months preceding the request or those saved for the first time; (ii) the kind of data used to calculate the risk percentage values; (iii) the meaning of risk percentage values for each specific case, processed in an clear, understandable way.


The responsible for the data processing is Plenilunio srl, company of Italian law with registered office in Italy, Via Garibaldi 17 in  Campi Salentina (Le).